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Evanston is an attractive, prosperous city which over 73,000 people call home. Though it is the closest North suburb of Chicago, Evanston has resisted becoming merely a 'bedroom' community, maintaining an independent character marked by a bustling business center, a renowned university and a high-quality public education system. This independence is reflected in Evanston's 150-year history: in the strength and imagination of the people who not only built the city, but also helped shape the course of America.

As one of the most economically diverse older and smaller cities in the Midwest, Evanston is a distinct place with many amenities, opportunities, and a variety of challenges. Collaborative planning with citizens, businesses and institutions is integral to the City's culture, as are public and private partnerships, which promote and achieve economic revitalization. Improving opportunities for all residents, including low and moderate households, is also an important part of the Evanston's community role.

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